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PlantUML Macro

rectangle namespace as "Namespace" {
    card pod as "Pod"

    card ingress as "Ingress"
    card service as "Service"
    card role as "(Cluster) Role"
    card role_binding as "(Cluster) RoleBinding"
    card service_account as "Service account"

    card config_map as "ConfigMap"
    card secret as "Secret"

    card volume as "Volume"

    card replica_set as "ReplicaSet"
    card persistent_volume_claim as "PersistentVolumeClaim"
    card persistent_volume as "PersistentVolume"
    card storage_class as "StorageClass"
    card deployment as "Deployment"
    card horizontal_pod_autoscaler as "HorizontalPodAutoscaler"

    ingress --> service : Routes HTTP(s) traffic
    service --> pod : Forwards\n network traffic

    role_binding --> service_account : Maps to subject
    role <-- role_binding : References a role

    role -> pod : Controls operations
    pod --> config_map : Consumes
    pod --> secret : Consumes

    secret --> config_map : Extends

    horizontal_pod_autoscaler --> deployment : Scales deployment
    deployment --> replica_set : Manages replica set
    replica_set --> pod : Replicates\n pods

    pod -> volume : Mounts
    pod --> persistent_volume_claim
    persistent_volume_claim --> persistent_volume : Binds to volume
    persistent_volume_claim --> storage_class : References\n a storage class
    storage_class --> persistent_volume : Creates\n a persistent volume

Source:  Certified Kubernetes Administrator Study Guide

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