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Lightning tour of Buddhism

Four Noble truths

The first teaching that Buddha taught after achieving enlightenment.  Buddha initially did not want to teach because he felt that no one would understand what he had found.

1Suffering exists.
2There is a cause to this suffering.
3There is a way to stop this suffering.
4Follow the path.
  • The best way to easily remember this is, if you switch suffering with "problem" or "difficulties" and it can become more relatable.

The two enemies


The self-cherishing attitude.

  • A mind that thinks only about one's self and forgets the well being and needs of others.

The self-grasping.

  • A mind that sees things as having independent existence.  This is ignorance, the root cause of all suffering.
  • This misconception is very dangerous.

Source:  The two main enemies to be fought.

The two counter-forces

Counter force


  • A mind that thinks how nice if all sentient beings are without suffering.


  • A mind that understands the interdependence, interconnectedness of all beings.


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